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If I Worked at PIXAR... - Pixar Animation Studios [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
just keep swimming to infinity and beyond

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If I Worked at PIXAR... [May. 12th, 2012|04:05 pm]
just keep swimming to infinity and beyond


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Copy and pasted from my dA journal: http://queen-asante.deviantart.com/journal/If-I-Worked-at-PIXAR-301732137

I'm not really impressed with PIXAR's upcoming projects. Dinosaurs, the human mind, the Day of the Dead, blah blah blah. If they keep this up with lame ideas, we're gonna be seeing film after film like Cars. *shudders* If I worked at PIXAR, here would be some of my ideas for films:

1. Apartheid South Africa - - We learned about this topic in school and I was always fascinated by it. It didn't just affect Blacks in South Africa but every minority: Indians, Spanish, etc. It would be cool to see a film for kids on this subject. I've watched almost every film from Catch a Fire and Tsotsi to A Dry White Season and Invictus. Yet most films made on Apartheid South Africa is for adults and usually violent. Yes, it was a violent time period, and SA, tho free, is still recovering from the bloodshed. But I think it would be awesome for PIXAR to tackle such a crucial period in History and teach kids to be more aware of these things. For once, I'd like to see PIXAR make a serious historical film.

2. A kid-friendly film about the Holocaust- - I'm also fascinated by this tragic bit of history, esp. after reading :iconzipzap1313:'s stories on the subject. There have been a few kid's films like The Diary of Anne Frank and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. How cool would it be to see the first animated Holocaust film? Maybe it's too dark a topic for PIXAR, but since it looks like they're trying to do more dark stuff like Brave, the Holocaust is a good place to start.  It would be a good way to each kids about it before they learn about it in HS. I know it's not easy making a ''kid-friendly'' movie on such a dark tragedy, but it's worth a try. Now if only they can get Billy Crystal and Frank Oz to star in it, it'd be an A-list winner.

3. A film about Japan- - I know I know I sound biased when I say this, having lived in Japan for three years as a transfer student, but it just baffles me that PIXAR would be really good buddies with Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, and yet, they haven't made one film centered in Japan! They've done Australia, France, and more recently Scotland, but c'mon! What about Japan?

4. A Ghost Story- - I was watching paranormal stuff last night and it just hit me: Hey, PIXAR should make a ghost story! I've seen fun anime shows on the Paranormal but I'd love to see a CG film about ghosts. OK maybe not like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline, but something along the lines of a family who moves into a haunted house, and maybe their pets experience the activity first-hand, and their owners don't believe them. Who here watches The Haunted on Animal Planted? C'mon I know there's some out there! Raise your hands! Well, a ghost story from the POV of the family's pets would be a spectacular idea! I don't know why PIXAR didn't think of it before!

5. A Fantasy- - I had this random idea for a story about a girl who is transformed into an owl. I don't know I've been watching too much Harry Potter, but it's just a thought.

So if YOU worked at PIXAR what would be some of your ideas? C'mon let's hear them!


[User Picture]From: mentalguru
2012-05-13 09:19 am (UTC)
I think the last two could be good, but I'm not sure on the first two, I mean would it even be POSSIBLE to do a U (Universal) movie based on that? To kiddify very sensitive aspects of human history wouldn't be good. Unless perhaps they did cut scenes from the violence- you can do a lot of things with the suggestion and atmosphere I suppose. Pixar can be good with that and can definitely play with heart strings in subtle ways when it wants. It's shown that in the past.

I could see an adult film in that sense if Pixar ever wanted to break into that, but they'd have to do their research really well (which... they haven't with Brave- there are some mistakes already from trailers- what with the fact corsets are there (apparently, unless I'm mistaken people are saying that corsets of that type anyway would not be around then, nor was that figure in style as it were- also of course it's utterly cliche), and the arrow splitting thing is not possible at all). Pixar has big ideas in both story and animation certainly but beyond animation they don't seem to always stick close to what is reality for the sake of telling the story they want- and you can't DO that with an actual area/horrible event of history, which results in constraints they may not care for. It would be insulting and wrong however to glean over certain things or ignore them or represent them in the wrong way. Maybe they'd be more careful with representing a very clear and defined aspect of history however? They'd need to get a lot of outsiders in- historians from the actual area (and probably not white either), people in general who were there during the time. It would depend how open they were with that.

It's a very sensitive topic, and they'd have to try very hard to get it right and... while I love a lot of their films I'm not sure I'd trust Pixar in representing a specific aspect of bloody and racially charged history. Also there were no happy sugary sweet endings with either and the effects are still ongoing right now of those events- at least in South Africa. It's definitely... not something I think kids would easily watch. But eh, maybe it would okay to make kids at least a little uncomfortable since a lot of history in general ISN'T nice and happy, but it would be fairly easy to traumatise them if they went the full gauntlet.

But it could perhaps actually be insulting if they perhaps didn't run the full gauntlet and showed things as they were. Though as mentioned atmosphere might work?

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[User Picture]From: mentalguru
2012-05-13 09:19 am (UTC)
Part 2:

IDK, this is hard and I am not an expert on history in that area. I can appreciate the thought and it's good to teach kids history but there are so many ways it could go horribly, horribly wrong and I definitely think Pixar has a good chance of pulling them. Most film companies would.

I'd actually like it if Pixar did shoot a film SET in an African country, but maybe the modern day or general every day life using some legends as it were. Pixar is very... American centric (understandable I guess since it is American), apart from Brave coming up. It could be a good thing even to delve into actual Native American roots too- though once again they'd need the appropriate researchers , those in the Native American community (and a good number of them) probably not to mess things up. And they'd have to realise sacrificing parts of reality can work only in SOME areas for the sake of the story/their personal desires. (Like say Nemo's dad not becoming female because they want a dad/son story- fine I guess. Making an important aspect of Native American culture evil or the villian or something when they're not in legends- nope.)

Pixar I think COULD do well with that, but also they couldn't. And it's kind of hard to judge since they've never really gotten to represent a serious aspect of history, which would be a different kettle of fish to say things like Brave having a corset like that.

OTOH, it would be good to have more companies tackling certain topics since there aren't as many of them as there should be. And Pixar COULD actually do it well if given the chance. I guess a part of me is scared they wouldn't though.

Personally, Avatar: TLA and Korra shows a wealth of research into Asian cultures so I think they should probably take tips from that team with regards how to represent cultures different to their own- even creating a whole new fantasy world from it from the real world. Amon for instance and the Equalists has some ties with Communism in history. It's a story which even without knowledge such as that you can still get into and understand- but things like that just make things even more interesting and are almost like Easter Eggs for history buffs.
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[User Picture]From: queen_asante
2012-05-17 02:03 am (UTC)
I agree that a kid's film on some serious historical events would not be easy. It could work if done right but it could also go so wrong, esp. when it comes to PIXAR who are more kid-friendly than most animation studios and who do more comedy than serious films. I think they could attempt something darker without slapstick, but it has to be done right. I agree 'Brave' has its inaccuracies despite the team making several trips to Scotland, and it doesn't portray the culture truly, so it would be upsetting to see them to do the same for Africa during Apartheid and Europe during the Holocaust. PIXAR, of course, is never going to do an adult film unless someone breaks off and does a separate project, but the studio is pretty focused on kid-friendly material. If they went the route of 'The Diary of Anne Frank' which portrayed the Holocaust from the POV of a young girl, excluding most of the violence, it could work and perhaps bring PIXAR back up on top. But I doubt PIXAR is really ready for such a sensitive subject as the Holocaust. I had too high expectations for 'Brave' and have been disappointed over and over again by the sad marketing. I really thought the film could work if they kept Brenda Chapman as a director, who was even interviewed about what she thought of the final product of 'Brave' and I'm not surprised to learn that she is actually not happy with it. According to her, it wasn't supposed to be a Disney Princess-like film, nor a comedy. What she had in mind was something more historically accurate and darker.

That being said, if PIXAR chose the right people to tackle such sensitive topics as the Holocaust or Apartheid, it could work, but you're right. It's not something to be sugar-coated and there are no true happy endings for both. I just thought it would be good to make a kid's film without it brushing over the realities so people won't grow up so ignorant' I'm amazed by how many people don't know what Apartheid is because it isn't properly taught in schools. The Holocaust, on the other hand, is but only the very basics. Showing something as disturbing as Josef Mengele in schools would be too hard to digest, although my school did go over it, but not in detail, mind. I'm not saying PIXAR should make a horrendously violent and disturbing film, although it was a tragic event, but it would be nice to see a non adult film on the subject. 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas', although disturbing in its own right, was aimed towards a child audience, and it was superbly done. Any animation could follow the same outline and still succeed.

PIXAR may not be ready for it yet but I hope when new people join the team with fresh ideas, they'll be ready to tackle more deeper, meaningful films than sentient toys and monster lands.
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[User Picture]From: apple_autumn
2012-05-14 10:45 am (UTC)
I just finished writing a screenplay that I would love to see made by either Pixar or Disney. It's based off a story my two friends and I had started in high school but never finished. I don't really want to say much about it, because I don't want anyone to try to take this idea, but it's about three girls from different worlds forced into working for this mysterious guy who calls himself "The Wishgranter". :D

I just registered the screenplay with the Writers' Guild of America, though, and since I eventually want to be an animator for Disney or Pixar, I'll keep my pitch in my back pocket until the appropriate time comes after I've worked with them for a few years. :]
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[User Picture]From: queen_asante
2012-05-17 02:04 am (UTC)
That sounds amazing. I hope you get far and succeed because that would be a great idea for PIXAR to consider. I, too, wish to work there in the future so I hope to see you there!
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