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This is the community for anything related to PIXAR, its movies and its short films.

Feel free to post anything related to Pixar: news, icons, movie reviews, random facts, fanart, how much you are like Dory, exasperation over the time it takes to release the next Pixar movie, the reasons why you want to date Syndrome, why working for Pixar would be your dream job or simply your love for anything that Pixar ever made. Anything really.

There isn't much rules: put pictures under a cut, be nice and respectful, stay on topic, those kind of things.

Check out the trailer for the next Pixar movie:

and we leave you with a little song from a musical we are rehearsing:
Put that thing back where it came from or so help me... so help me, so help me...
yeah, we're still working on it...

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